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E-Z Burr HSS Series .2086"

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Deburring Style:
E-Z Burr HSS Deburring Tool
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Hole Diameter: 0.2086", 5.30mm
Shank Diameter: .236", 6mm
Shank Length: 1-5/16"
Pilot Length: 1.750"
Overall Length: 4.50"
Clearance needed behind hole: 33/64" (this can be altered if necessary - call for details)
Blade Series: L2B

Product Options: How to Choose Deburring "Style"

Deburring Blades are available with a front cutting angle, rear cutting angle and a cutting feature of Standard Rake or Positive Rake. A Front Cutting Angle can be 00 or 45 degrees.  A Rear Cutting Angle can be 45 or 60 degrees.  The most popular blades are "B style 45/45, Standard" and "R style 00/45, Standard".

What does the 00/45, 45/45, ect. mean?
They are the blades front and rear cutting angles.

For example: -01: B Style, 45/45, Standard Rake
This deburring blade is a B-Style which means that it deburrs Both the top of the hole and the rear or breakout side of the hole.  The 45/45 means that the front angle is 45 and the rear angle is 45.  Standard Rake means that there are no chip breakers on the blade.

When you are only deburring the rear of the hole the front angle on the blade is 00. The rear angle would be either 45 or 60 degrees.  So, the blade angles shown front and rear would be either 00/45 or 00/60.

When to choose 45 or 60 degree angle:

45 degree cutting angle is the most popular. However, if you identify large burrs or require a large chamfer you would want to use a 60 degree blade.

Standard Rake: Has a 10 degree relief angle and is an excellent choice for free cutting materials.
Positive Rake: Has chip breakers and is the ideal choice for harder materials or those needing a chip breaker to form good chips.

Are you deburring on a CNC and want to run faster? Click here to view E-Z Burr's Carbide Series.

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