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K-type Inserts

Radial turning inserts for back turning, grooving, threading and parting off

Style G Inserts
Style G for Grooving
Style GR Inserts
Style GR for Radius Grooving
Style T Inserts
Style T for Partial Profile Threading
Style C Inserts
Style C for Back Turning when there is a Undercut Requirement
Style B Inserts
Style B for Back Turning in Steel & other Hard and Long Chipping Materials
Style BP Inserts
Style BP for Back Turning in Sticky Materials
Style BT Inserts
Style BT for Back Turning in Tough Materials for Longer Tool Life
Style VLR Inserts
Style VLR for Back Turning Profiles
Style E Inserts
Style E Inserts for an Extra Finishing Cut; Back Turning
Style ER Inserts
Style ER Inserts for an Extra Finishing Cut; Back Turning out from a guide bushing
Style P Inserts
Style P Inserts for Parting off. 0° gives the strongest tool. Suitable with use of sub spindle. Style PS can be used for extra stability.
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