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Measuring & Inspection

This section is currently being re-worked.  If you cannot find what you are lookng for please email us at with your requirements.


Asimeto Brand:
Digital Outside Micrometers
Inch Outside Micrometers
Metric Outside Micrometers
Digit Counter Outside Micrometers
Interchangeable Anvil Micrometers
V-Anvil Micrometers
Digimatic Blade Micrometer
Blade Micrometer
Uni-Micrometers - Friction Thimble
Point Micrometers
Screw Thread Micrometers
Screw Thread Micrometers with Anvil Set
Digimatic Disc Micrometers Non-Rotating Spindle
Digimatic Disc Micrometers Rotating Spindle
Digimatic Inside Micrometers
Inside Micrometers
Three Point Internal Micrometers - Inch & Metric
Inside Micrometers - Interchangeable Rod Type
Tubular Inside Micrometers - Extension Type
Depth Micrometers
Digimatic Micrometer Heads
Micrometer Heads


Asimeto Brand:
Digimatic Calipers
IP67 Coolant Proof Digital Calipers
Dial Calipers
Long Jaw Vernier Calipers
Heavy Duty Vernier Calipers


Asimeto Brand:
Digimatic Indicators
AGD1 Dial Indicators
AGD2 Dial Indicators
Test Indicators


Asimeto Brand:
Digimatic Depth Gages
Telescoping Gages
Dial Bore Gages
Digimatic Height Gages
Digit Counter Type Height Gages
Vernier Height Gages
Magnetic Bases
Rectangular Gage Block Sets
Individual Rectangular Gage Blocks Grade 0 (2)
All Micrometers
Calipers & Protractors
All Calipers, Dividers, Protractors & Center Gages
Height Gauges, Dial Bore Gauges, Gauge Telescoping and Block Sets
All types and holders.
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