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Milling: Cutters

Toolinghouse is pleased to offer a large selection of Milling Cutters.  If you do not see the cutter you are looking for please email us at or call us at 239-314-4303.

Side Milling Cutters - Straight Teeth
For slotting and light duty side milling. These cutters can be ganged or used as straddle mills.
Milling Cutters Concave
For milling male half circles.
Milling Cutters Convex
For milling female half circles.
Milling Cutters Plain - Light Duty
For light milling or finishing cuts.
Plain - Heavy Duty
For heavy stock removal furnished with 45 degree left hand helix.
Helical Plain Milling Cutter
For slab or face milling mild steels ideal for light to intermittent cut on thin parts. These can be run at high speeds and produce smooth finishes without leaving feed marks.
Single Angle Milling Cutters
Single Angle Cutters are utilized for milling ratchet teeth or dovetails.
Double Angle Milling Cutters
Double Angle Cutters are used for milling notches, grooves, serrations or threads. Double Angle Cutters are available in 45, 60 or 90 degree.
Shank Type Milling Cutters - Concave
Shank Type Concave Milling Cutter with weldon shank.To be used in manual or NC Machining Centers. For Milling Male Half Circles.
Shank Type Milling Cutters - Convex
Shank Type Convex Milling Cutter with Weldon Shank. To be used in manual or NC Machning Centers. For Milling Female Half Circles.
Single Angle for Angular Milling
Single Angle Milling Cutter for Chamfers and other angular milling operations.
Double Angle for Angular Milling
For Notches, V-Grooves and other angular milling operations.
Corner Rounding Milling Cutters
Arbor Type. Available in Right Hand or Left Hand Cutters. Specifically designed to mill radii on various materials.
Woodruff Key Seat Cutters
1/2" diameter Straight Shank. Ideal for cutting standard and woodruff keyways in steel and other ferrous materials.
Staggered Tooth Woodruff Key Seat Cutters
Arbor Type. Staggered Tooth Woodruff Key Seat Cutters. High Speed Steel.
Corner Rounding End Mills
Use for rounding corners and adapting many screw machine applications as end forming tools to form a specific radius.
Dovetail Milling Cutters
Dovetail Milling Cutters, Shank Type, High Speed Steel. Made in USA.
Stub Milling Machine Arbors
Stub Milling Machine Arbors with Weldon Shank
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