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Troubleshooting Guide


Possible Causes

Corners Break Down
Cutting speed too high
Hard spots in material
Insufficient coolant at drill point
Flutes clogged with chips
Cutting lips chip
Too much feed
Lip relief too great

Margin Chips

Oversize drill bushing

Drill breaks
Point improperly ground
Too much feed
Drill is dull
Flutes are clogged with chips
Tang breaks
Imperfect fit between taper shank and socket
typically caused by dirt or chips.
Socket is badly worn.

Drill splits up center

Not enough lip relief
Too much feed
Drill will not enter work
Drill is dull
Not enough lip relief
Web is too heavy
Surface of hole is rough
Point improperly ground or dull
Insuffient coolant at drill point
Too much feed
Workholding device is not rigid

Hole is oversize

Unequal point angles
Unequal length of cutting edges
Machine spindle bearings may be worn

Chip shape changes while drilling

Drill is dull
Cutting lips are chipped
Large chip coming out of one flute,
small chip coming out of the other
Point is improperly ground and one lip is doing
all of the cutting.
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