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Whats new at Toolinghouse:

Carbide Center Laps --  Specifically designed with a 60 degree included angle for reconditioning work or to repair damaged female centers.

Saws -
From Plain Metal Slitting Saws to Hacksaws, Carbide Saws and more.

Solid Carbide Boring Tools -

Indexing Tools and Tables

5 Flute Variable Helix Carbide End Mills - Faster Feed Rates than 4 flute with improved cutting performance and finish.  Use as a rougher or finisher in your toughest slotting or profiling applications.
Carbide Burrs, Countersinks and Countersink Sets.  US Made.  Carbide countersinks are ideal for highly abrasive and other hard to machine materials.  Great for cast iron, alloy steel and reinforced plastics.  US Made Carbide Burrs are available for all tyeps of materials.  Choose from Medium Single and Double Cut from stock or Fine, Course, with Chipbreaker and Diamond Cut.  Our Prices are ROCK Bottom. You'll not find a lower price anywhere on these quality products.

New HT Series available for 27 of the most popular Retention Knobs.  What is an HT Series?  It's a High Torque version on the knobs that you are so familiar with and that you have trusted from us here at Toolinghouse.  An HT Retention Knob expands the tool holder shank two to three times LESS than the standard knob when tightened to the same torque.  Now you have a choice of US Made quality standard retention knobs or the new HT series.  

You asked for it and we delivered.  We've updated the information on many of our products including detailed pictures and dimensions.  We've also added quantity discounts on the majority of our product offering. 

Milling Cutters: Choose from Side Milling Cutters - Straight or Staggered Teeth, Concave & Convex Milling Cutters, Single Angle & Double Angle Milling Cutters, Shank Type Milling Cutters, Involute Gear Cutters, Corner Rounding Milling Cutters & Woodruff Key Seat Cutters.

Sowa High Performance Taps: Choose from Blue Ring, Yellow Ring, Orange Ring and Red Ring Taps.  Vanadium and Powder Metal. Use Blue Ring for Low to Medium Carbon Steels. Yellow Ring for Alloy / High Carbon Steels.  Orange Ring for Stainless Steel. Red Ring for High Tensile Materials.
E-Z Burr Deburring Tools:  The best name in US Made blade and insert type deburring tools is available right here at Toolinghouse at discounted prices.  Choose from HSS and Carbide Tools - coated and uncoated.  Don't take chances deburring by hand with files or scrapers - add consistency and make sure that every hole is the same by using these high quality E-Z Burr Derburring Tools.  These tools can be used by hand in a drill motor, on a Bridgeport or in any CNC Machining Center.  Nationally we are the experts when it comes to E-Z Burr! Call us on it. Call us toll free with any questions at 1-866-583-TOOL. 

American Express & Discover: You asked for it and we delivered - new payment methods have been added. Now pay with your Discover or American Express card in addition to Visa, MasterCard or PayPal.
Mailing Lists:  Join our Mailing list today! Look for it on the bottom right of every page on our site.  Enter your email address and we will send you sales notices and updates on new product releases.  Plus Mailing List people will receive discount offers only available to those people on the Mailing List.  This is our way of thanking you for letting us stay in touch with you, our valued customer. 
Two things to know about this list:
1) Toolinghouse will NOT sell or give your email contact information to any other company.
2) Toolinghouse will NOT send you spam or any other offers other than those offered by Toolinghouse. 
You can opt out of the Mailing List at any time.
Chucking Reamers:  We have added many new sizes of US Made Reamers to the Toolinghouse site.   Toolinghouse now has one of the, if not the, largest selection of reamers available.  Here is what is available:
Number sizes 1-80
Letter sizes A-Z
Fractional sizes: 1/64" - 2"
Metric sizes: 1mm - 25.5mm
and a full range of over and unders sizes for everything in between.
Also available is a full line of US Made Expansion Reamers.

Silver & Deming Reamers:  Now here is a product that is tough to find.  Silver & Deming Reamers and Reamer/Drill Sets are now available.  Check them out right here: Silver & Deming 1/2" Shank Reamers.

Closeout Specials: From time to time we get overstocked or we change part numbers on items - for whatever reason, sometimes it is necessary to put items on closeout.  You save big! Check it out: Closeout Specials.

US Made Carbide Tipped Masonry Drills: Available in 4", 6", 12" or 18" oal and in regular or fast helix type.  Click on "Drills: Other" in the left hand column for individual tools and sets.

Toolinghouse Blog:  You'll find helpful articles on Metalworking Subjects and a few other things on the "Toolinghouse Trinkets" blog.  Check it out today and please post on it as much as you like.

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